Saturday, July 5

Nora at 10 months

Nora you are now a 10 month old! You are very busy and have changed so much this last month. The biggest change this past month was that you started crawling and pulling up! Oh, how life has changed since you made that grand discovery. You also are a chatter box, making new sounds every day. You practice practice practice the same sound until you get it just how you want it. I love to hear you talk while we are driving.

You are most interested in books. Who needs toys when you have books that you can turn the pages in! You will sit for 30 min sometimes and just "read." It makes me happy to see you love books. I guess all that reading to you when I wasn't sure you even heard me is paying off.

Some new things you can do:
Sign "more" when you are eating in your highchair.
Give kisses to me and your baby dolls. (we're still trying to get you to give daddy kisses)
You will crawl to us if we say "Come here Nora!"
You know what I am talking about when I say book or baby.
You love Sox! Crawling on him, feeding him, petting him, pulling his hair.

Favorite foods this month:
Mandarine oranges
Mac and Cheese

You started off your 10 month birthday with a big trip to the beach. You had a wonderful time with Grandmommy and PaPaw and uncle Zach. You weren't too fascinated by the sand but had a good time going for walks down the beach in the baby carrier and ended up enjoying the pool too!

We had a doctor's appointment a week ago to see how much you have grown. You weigh 17 lbs 4oz (25th percentile) and are 26 3/4 inches tall (7th percentile) or should we say short? From February to June you gained 3 lbs!

We're so proud of you and convinced you're the smartest, cutest, best baby in the world. We can't imagine life with out or little crawling, babbling, mess maker.

 This picture cracks me up! She looks like she is behind bars. 

And this is what she does when I say give your baby a kiss...

Sadly, my lens cover on my camera had a film on it from the beach and I didn't really know until after I took her one month pictures. Problem solved now, but some of the pictures look out of focus because of the messy lens cover.

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