Saturday, July 5

4th of July Fun

Tomorrow is the last day of a really fun weekend. We kicked off the long weekend with some 4th of July celebrations with new friends on a house boat on the lake. It was a really fun time. Nora was too busy socializing with her new friends to even consider napping. Momma and Daddy ate good food and made some new friends. And Momma even got to go for a ride on the jet ski and jump off the top deck of the house boat. It was lots of fun and we can't thank them enough for asking us to join in the fun.

Today we decided to head to Huntington to a park along the Ohio river and then go eat dinner in Pullman Square. Nora really enjoyed the swinging and Momma and Daddy got to take lots of pictures! It was a beautiful after noon outside. 

So thankful to have both of these goobers to share life with. They make me smile everyday. 

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