Thursday, June 26

The Pursuit of Happiness

I think sometimes we expect life to be perfect. Like a movie. Perfect job. Perfect house. Perfect hair. (Psh not in the cards for me!) Perfect husband. Perfect baby. Perfect clothes. Perfect... ok you get the point. So often I find myself saying I'll be happy when... Like when that one aspect changes all your problems will disappear. I think not!

I'm here to tell  you people, life is hard! While I haven't gone through the hardships many have; I have my challenges and battles just like the next person. It is a daily decision I have to make to have a positive outlook. True happiness is not something you create through your surroundings, it is the decision and mindset to look past the imperfections and be grateful for the blessings you have all around!

I was thinking about the phrase, "the pursuit of happiness." How do we pursue happiness? Do we look for money to bring us happiness or clothes or the approval of others?  I know I have and am guilty of all those and more, but I really want to find happiness through God in the ways I have been blessed now, and not future "blessings" I hope to get.

I can honestly say that where we live right now is a sad place. The reason I say that is because the rate of drug use is one of the highest in the country. Many people here find themselves lonely, depressed, and turning to a false high to bring momentary happiness. The reason why I wanted to write this is to encourage you and everyone who reads this to remember that (and myself) if you can't find happiness where you are right now, you won't find it where you want to be tomorrow.

I have a tendency to find momentary and fleeting happiness in my overpriced coffee in a white and green cup, or in pushing a red buggy around a glorified walmart. Neither of which I can do here, which is why today I will be happy with the k-cup God has blessed me with (and yes it truly is a blessing considering the night we had last night) and my sweet baby giggles and the few hours of quite that come in between.

This is not to say that I am in a state of unhappiness or sadness or depression, but simply thoughts on my mind. 


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