Monday, July 7

Coffee Talk

If we were to just sit down for a cup of coffee today and talk...
I'd probably order a large.
Then I would ask you how you are doing. How your 4th of July was and what things you had planned for the week.

I would tell you that we enjoyed our weekend so much, but Mondays are rough. It's not easy to go from having Ryan home and things to do, to absolutely nothing to do.

I'd tell you that I struggle with knowing how to entertain a 10 month old in the house all day. I read to her, chase her down, read some more, organize her toys by color and say the colors over and over. We do breakfast, nap, lunch, nap, snack time, and dinner. We clean up and fold clothes, but still around 1 I become restless. 

I'd tell you that I had the house perfectly clean last night and now I'm regretting it because I have nothing to clean. And you would probably laugh at me!

We would talk about how sometimes I let my hopes run wild and start day dreaming about buying a house. Then I start looking at houses and have to tell myself don't be silly. 

I would tell you all about my newest obsession: POUND and PILOXING. 
They are group exercise classes at the community center that I really enjoy! It is my one hour of "me-time" and I need the social interaction as much as the exercise!

Then I'd probably get on the topic of wanting to become a personal trainer or certified to teach group fitness classes and to take photography classes. Another day dream of mine.

We'd probably talk about how challenging yet fulfilling motherhood is. And how I'm not crazy for feeling like super mom and the worst mom in the same day hour. We'd talk about sleep training and nap times. Organic baby food. The best board books. And 1st Birthday Party ideas. 

And somewhere in all that I'd probably mention how much I miss my family and friends back home, but I'm trying so hard to make friends and reach out to people I meet. 

Well. My real cup of coffee is cold and almost gone now.
Thanks for listening and here's to our next coffee talk.

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  1. Wish we were having coffee together this morning and chatting about all of those things.


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