Wednesday, June 11

2014 Beach Trip: part one

I start counting down the days to our beach trip usually around the day after Christmas, and this year was no different. Actually I may have started counting down even earlier. I was just so excited to take Nora to my favorite place to be and to make new and exciting memories together as a family of three this year. Last year on vacation I was starting my third trimester of pregnancy and this year I had a 9 month old! Wow how things have changed!

I took 600 pictures and narrowed it down to the best 50. But even at that, 50 pictures in one post would be absolutely absurd. So I am breaking it up into two maybe three posts. Also just to keep you hanging. Just kidding.

Nora did great on the beach, even though she was too into the sand or the chilly ocean water. She is a people watcher and there is plenty of that to do at the beach. With a big blanket, a couple of books and toys, and a big umbrella, she was rather content. She even fell asleep on my chest almost every day. I guess it helps to have one big, natural sound machine. Relaxation at its finest.

Somebody Loves her Daddy! 

 Testing out the ocean for the first time. (June 1st, 2014)

Who can resist getting ice cream at least once twice while at the beach. This was us before our family outing to the ice cream shop. Yes she tried a tiny bite and loved it, but we all know ice cream is for grown ups!

Pap-Paw and Nora after ice cream. She was just excited she got to hold the spoon!

This little pool was the best $14 dollars we have spent all summer! She loved it! We ended up taking it out on the beach with us and filling it with water. It was a huge hit. She thought she was taking a bath with out all the scrubbing part.

We even got a nice visit from Great Grandma and Grandpa L. and Aunt Nell one day. They brought super delicious foods like blueberry dessert, strawberries, and fresh veggies!

Thanks Zach for the photo bomb.

Nora and Grandmommy! 
My two best friends! Not sure what I'd do with out them.

More beach trip to come...

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