Wednesday, May 28

Nora at 9 Months

Happy NINE Months!!
This month was quite the challenge to snap pictures that weren't blurry because you are constantly on the go. You are so active and probably are the happiest you have been. You have always been happy but you've been smiling, giggling, clapping, waving, and talking all the time.

Your newest, biggest accomplishment is CRAWLING! 
On May 27th, just two days after you turned 9 months, you officially crawled.
Now keeping up with you is the big challenge!
You would crawl across the world I think if you could get your hands on a iphone or chord

We are pretty sure you say DaDa, but we haven't yet qualified it as your first word. We are waiting until you way it when he walks in the room.
We also are pretty sure that you say Bye Bye.
You whisper your words which is really funny.
It's fun when you chime in on a conversation we are having in the car. We don't know what you are saying yet but I am sure it is very important.

You like to wave at people in real life and on the tv.
Clapping is always fun and Patty Cake makes you super happy. 
You may be a little attached to Momma, but it just shows how much fun we have every day!

You do great with sleeping in your crib at night still, and wake up 2-3 times a night.
Every day you take a morning nap in your crib and in the afternoon we usually lay down on Mommy's bed to nap. Most days I sneak out to get things done.

Here you are going to town with some crawling!
You are going to the beach for the first time ever next week and I think you are going to have a blast!!
I can't wait to see you crawl on the beach and swim in your float in the pool.

You are still nursing but eating lots more "big people" food. 
Your favorites right now are yogurt, shredded cheese, bread, mom's smoothies, green beans, and mac and cheese.
You also still eat your baby purees.
Oh and you hate bananas!!

You don't eat books quite as much as you used to and you love touch and feel books.
You will run your hand down every page of any book in case it is a touch and feel book.
You give your stuffed animal kisses but wont give us kisses yet. 
I still can't believe how fast this first year is going. 
I love you to the moon and back and am thankful for you everyday!
Always know Mom and Dad would do anything for you! Always!

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