Sunday, May 11

Mother's Day as a Mom

Last year I was a mom-to-be, but this year I have graduated to the title of MOM! It is a title that comes with so much joy and responsibility, love and worry, energy and exhaustion, beautiful moments and challenging moments. After you give birth, and the nurses retreat and the doctors go home, it's just you and your new family. They leave you with this precious life that doesn't come with an instruction manual, how-to guide, or even a tag with the care instructions. I'm kind of joking and kind of not. In literally a few hours your life goes from 2 to 3 or maybe 3 to 4 or even 2 to 4. It goes from the expected to the I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing. It goes from thinking you know love, to feeling the intense love for another little person like you never knew existed.

Over the past 8 months as a mom, I have learned so much. I have made the first of innumerable mistakes. I have shed countless happy, sad, and frustrated tears. I have changed probably like 1000 diapers! I have probably missed days and days of sleep. I know I have forgone numerous showers and can count on two hands the number of times I have actually done my hair. BUT, I wouldn't change a single part of this new life, identity, title, job, calling, and passion.

I am beyond blessed to be Nora's Mom. To feel the love of your own child is matchless.

I think that your first Mother's Day as a mom is even more special, because you realize just how much your mom has done for you through all the years. My mom has kept me grounded and has also grounded me a few times. She has been there for every piano recital (even when I completely mess up and announce to the audience I would be starting over), every dance performance, soccer game, scratched knee, upset stomach, strep throat, migraine headache... She has encouraged me when I have been down and has always reminded me of who I am in Christ. She gave me the best possible education and was there two Mother's Day's ago when I graduated from college.

Some Photos From Our Day:

Ryan woke up and made us some delicious calorie free cinnamon roll bread pudding! 

One thing that comes with the Mom Photographer territory is that its almost always impossible to get that perfect picture of you and your baby, but we sure tried today.  

Some Mother's Day fun...

I also want to wish my Grandma M, Grandma L, Mother-In-Law Shanna, Grandmother-In-Law H, best friend Hailey and all you other Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. You are all such amazing and inspiring mothers who encourage me daily.

Remember, if you see a Mom (even if it's not mother's day) encourage her and tell her how important her job is. Remind her she is shaping and molding the future. Her job is hard and somedays it feels impossible, and you never know what your words may mean to her.

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