Tuesday, May 13

marriage is...

February 2010

Marriage is finally admitting, after two days of sitting on the floor, that you were both waiting for the other person to put away the mt. Everest-sized clothes piles.

Marriage is tasting his dinner at a restaurant and always wishing you had ordered that.

Marriage is fluffy matching towels in year one, a few walmart towels mixed in with the fancy bridal shower gift towels in year 5, and thin, faded, stringy towels in year 20.

Marriage is making hearty home cooking food for him even though you're on a diet.

Marriage is slipping black beans into the brownies and him never finding out!

Marriage is watching football, baseball, hockey with him and TLC and HGTV with her.

Marriage is re-organizing his drawers every week and never saying a word.

Marriage is ordering pizza at 8:30 when the baby has finally gone down for the night and you both feel like you ran a marathon that day.

Marriage is demonstrating patience with each other when it's really hard to do.

Marriage is looking through pictures of your baby together while they are sleeping because you can't get enough of that precious little life.

April 2014

Marriage is a lot of things. It changes over time and each day to adapts to what life throws at you. Marriage is a bond that is strong and withstands things that other relationships never could. I think it is wonderful to see couples in all stages of life who are still happily married and can tell you what marriage is to them. Marriage is never perfect, but that is the beauty of life. In the midst of imperfection there is something beautiful. The covenant that is exchanged on your wedding day is some of the most important words your mouth will ever utter. And ironically you really have no idea what sickness and health, for richer or poorer, etc will look like, but you promise to be there.

I'm thankful for what our marriage has been to us these past almost 4 years, and I know that the next 4 will probably be completely different, but each day I pray we will become stronger through the journey. I want say thank you to people like our parents, grandparents, and close family friends like Jeff and Tami and Todd and Denise for the example of marriage they have set for those of us just starting out. And I also want to say that I pray that our marriage is and will one day be an example for others.

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