Wednesday, April 30

Naptime Ramblings

It's naptime. I am always so tempted to snuggle up in my bed and get some extra sleep while Nora is napping, but I always feel so behind and usually regret it if I do. So, after I laid her down I got right to it. Started laundry, did the dishes, folded clothes, and put away the piles of clothes that some how form in our bedroom. While I often complain of being bored, life still seems to be busy some how. Between grocery trips and making it to the gym, sometimes I feel like I never even sit down to write up a blog post about all the little things going on around here. So, I guess I am wasting precious time rambling on.

It is funny to see a baby in the rain for the first time. We were walking in the grocery store yesterday afternoon and it was sprinkling. (Of course I did not have an umbrella.) We are so used to the rain that a few drops on our heads doesn't even phase us, but Nora gave me a look like, why in the WORLD am I getting wet right now? Mom, do something!!!

Yup... She woke up... I shall continue this a little later.

It's now 24 hours later and I'm still trying to finish writing this post. I completely lost all train of thought.

The weather has been a major downer here lately, and I have been putting off taking her 8 months pictures in hopes of some better natural light. It doesn't look like that will be happening so you can guess what we will be up to this afternoon. If you are lucky I may even get them up here tonight.

I have learned two things this past week. (Well, probably more but these two really stand out to me.) God hears and answers prayers and be outgoing, you have nothing to lose. So about a week ago, I was struggling. Ryan was working non stop and worked over 80 hours total that week. The days were long here and I felt like we still knew nobody. Sunday morning, I got up and got Nora ready and I got ready and we went to church. The pastor's family has been so wonderful and inviting. They invited us to lunch and it was so nice to get to know people from here. I also have meet several people through the gym and exercise classes. He heard our prayers for friends and fellowship. Also, I have decided that what do I have to lose. I'll ask people's names. Say "HI" and put myself out there more. What can it hurt.

One last thing to wrap this post up. We started giving Nora some puffs just to nibble on while I'm cooking or were eating dinner. She has now decided that it is more fun to push them off the tray and give them to Sox. Note to self: do not buy organic puffs for Sox any more.

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  1. Are you going to check out moms club of Huntington? You totally should


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