Monday, March 24

Weekend Adventures

Well, we finally ventured out of our little area up here in Kentucky. We all loaded up early Saturday morning and drove the two hour drive to Lexington where there are parks, colleges, shopping, and civilization. :)

We started off with a brisk walk in the UK Arboretum. Ashamedly this is the only real picture I took all weekend. I know, not true to my journalistic nature, but we did really enjoy our weekend. But I know that pictures would go much farther to prove that to you. Now back to the walk. It was a really nice 2 mile loop. That loop will be beautifully blooming in the next month. It was a tad chilly so we bundled up Nora well. When we got finished, she was sweeting and asleep. I guess that is success.

We then followed up the walk with lunch at our all time favorite, Chipotle. Then we checked in early to our hotel and all took a nice nap. Traveling and trying to keep a baby on their schedule is challenging.
Later we explored the shopping scene by going to a neat bookstore, baby boutique, and some other stores. We got dinner at a really good Irish Pub that had legitimate Irish food.

Sunday we found this awesome breakfast and lunch place called Doodles and had a really good breakfast. I had Oatmeal Brulee and Ryan had Biscuits and Gravy and we both shared their signature beignets, which were New Orleans style donuts in powdered sugar. Um, Yes Please!!

A good time was had by all, and it was really nice to just get out and visit places we have never been before.

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