Saturday, March 22

5 Things You Should Never Say To A SAHM

Telling people you are a SAHM elicits all kinds of responses, some favorable, some not, and some just naive. I have had many people says one or more of these things to me. It doesn't offend me. It actually makes me laugh. I mean if my days were as some envision them to be, well, it would be pretty easy, but also, our house would be a complete disaster.

one// It must be nice not to have to go to work every day.
I don't have to physically drive to work, yes, but rather I live at work. My days at home are just another Saturday.

two// I wish my husband was rich.
So do I! I don't stay at home because we grow money on trees. It takes careful planning and budgeting for me to have this privilege.

three// What do you do all day?
Read to my baby. Clean toilets. Scrub Dishes. Walk the Dog. Do laundry. Play with my baby. Sing to my baby. Help her learn to take naps on her own. Meal Plan. Should I continue?

four// Your baby needs to go to day care to be socialized.
There is no substitute to the care a child's own mother gives. No daycare teacher can ever give my baby the time and love I give her every day. She socializes when we go to the library, the grocery store, church, etc.

five// Your college education is being wasted if you are staying home.
I beg to differ! I use the skills I learned in college on a daily basis: when I file our taxes on my own, when I create a budget to manage my family's money wisely, when I am efficient with my time throughout the day, when I increase my child's vocabulary and language skills by carrying on "conversations" with her.

What ever I miss in the work place, these two make up for ten-fold.

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