Tuesday, March 25

Nora at 7 months

Sometimes in life, the days seem slow but the months and years seem so fast. Well, this is only amplified when you have a baby. It starts with pregnancy. You find out you are expecting and your first thought is: 9 MONTHS! This will take forever! Then before you know it, you are holding your baby that will be 7 months in just the blink of an eye. The moral of the story? Don't blink. Ok, so that is not exactly possible, but if I could stop time you bet I'd be pressing pause as often as I could.

Dear Nora,
Today you are 7 months. I have a hard time believing that. Last night as I was holding you before bed, I couldn't stop thinking about how truly tiny you were when you were born. You got down to 4lbs 12oz! That is so small! I would hold you against my chest after you would eat and you would be so sleepy. I wouldn't trade those days for anything. Thankfully you still like to snuggle and we are so fortunate that you are still nursing so well. You have grown so much from that tiny baby that slept 90% of the day. Now nap-time is not always that easy.

In the past month you have changed so much. You sat up on your own officially on March 3rd, just a few days after you turned 6 months. Now you would much rather sit than lay down. We flew down to see all your family this month and you did amazing! I wasn't worried, but you sure made it easy for me. We got some funny looks from people with you in the Moby Wrap, the backpack on my back and me pulling the suitcase. While we were in NC, you started to really like it when people clapped, and when we got home you started clapping. Now when I say clap you can clap. It's so sweet to see you clap when you get excited.

You have really started to eat more baby food this month. You tried butternut squash yesterday and loved it! We try to do baby food twice a day and nursing about five times a day. You usually take 2 naps a day. One around 9:30 for about 1 hour and the other around 1:00 for 2-3 hours. You are really good about napping which makes my job much easier!
We do lots of playtime and usually listen to Disney classic or classical music. You love for me to sing to you. I think you have some more teeth coming in, but I can't tell where yet.

I hope that every day you know how much Daddy and I love you. I pray that you will continue to grow and learn new things every day. I pray that we will teach you how to enjoy life and honor God with your actions.

Love, Mommy

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