Tuesday, March 4

the 5 contradictory things I say

Lately I have literally found myself laughing at something I said or thought because it was the exact opposite of something I said or thought earlier in the day. I mean we all do it, but I think I have been doing it a lot lately. I figured since I always got a kick out of my quite contradictory statements, you would too.

And while we are on the subject of contradictions, oxymorons, and things that don't make sense. While it was snowing 8 inches yesterday, I dressed Nora up in her swim suit and took some pictures. You're welcome! Enjoy! See crazy pays off sometimes!

"My baby is the most advanced baby ever."
"Oh my gosh. She hasn't rolled over today. Is she developing ok? She is two days behind my baby milestones app!"

"We have way too many toys. I can't find room to put them all away."
{Later on that day at the store} "Look at this baby toy it's so cute. Nora would love this. I think she needs it."

"I think we should wait like 5 years to have another baby. I want to focus on Nora and eventually get some sleep."
{After looking at her newborn pictures} "I want another baby NOW!"

"I'll be so happy when she finally sleeps all night."
"She slept all night, I missed out on all the sweet snuggles, and woke up every hour to check on her anyway."

"Today I will shower, put makeup on, dry my hair, and wear real clothes."
"At least I got a shower???"

Yeah, just call me crazy.
But at least my baby is the cutest thing around!

Swimsuit: Baby GAP 
Sorry, some of the pictures are a little fuzzy. We weren't working with the best lighting, considering there was no sun and it was snowing all day. 

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