Monday, March 3

A Happy Birthday Wish

One of our most beloved readers birthday is today, and we thought what better way to wish someone so special a HAPPY BIRTHDAY than with a cute baby, a card, and a camera.

My Grandpa L and Nora's Great Grandpa is celebrating his birthday today. We wish we could be there to enjoy some of grandmas cake with you, but know how much we miss the cake... AND YOU!! :) I have so many fun memories with my grandpa. He has taught me many valuable things. He taught me how to drive in the little black truck all over his farm. He taught me how to level wedding cakes and be very precise. He taught me what hard work is and exactly where our Thanksgiving bird comes from. Thank you for being you, Grandpa. I know Nora loves you so much and I hope that you can teach her all of these things one day!

Love Clara, Nora, and Ryan

P.S. I know you are thinking wow, Nora is the most advanced baby ever! She wrote her own name... I hate to disappoint, but I wrote it to look like she wrote it. HA And it is much harder to take pictures of a baby holding a sign than you would think.

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