Thursday, March 6

Why don't we all read the labels?

You're in the grocery store, you see a snack that looks appetizing, you turn it around and read the nutrition label right? Or do you?

I think most of us do look at the nutrition labels on our food. At least for the main things we THINK are important: Calories, Fat, and Sugar. But what if I told you there was so much more to reading labels? That food labels aren't the only ones we should be reading.

While I think most of us would say that we are careful about what we eat and what is in it, the majority of us, myself included (until just the other day), have no idea what is in our cosmetics, hygiene, and other bathroom products.

I bought some shampoo a while back and it says "No Parabens, Sulfates, or Gluten." I was curious as to why it would boast such things. I didn't know what those things were or why it would be good for them to be absent from my shampoo. Insert google! Turns out Paraben are used to extend the shelf life of your shampoos, preventing the growth of bacteria in your "volumizing elixir." And while it sounds beneficial it actually has been found in biopsies of breast cancer tumors! But I don't eat it, you say. Right I know you aren't spooning shampoo in like its greek yogurt or anything, BUT your skin absorbs it! And, I am hoping for your family and friends sake that you shower daily. This daily exposure causes these chemicals to build up in your body. Please don't miss understand. I know the whole correlation does not equal causation thing. I took may a statistics course. But what I am saying is WHY? Why don't we know these things? Why do we subject our bodies to this?

What about your toothpaste? Did you know it probably contains plastic? The most popular brands of toothpaste contain polyethylene? Which is PLASTIC! And once again, I hope you are brushing your teeth on a regular basis. Lets say twice a day. That is over 700 times a year! That is a lot of plastic going in and while you don't swallow it intentionally you do swallow a little every time!

These are just two of the many chemicals in our products that we use daily that are harmful to our bodies. If you are like me, you probably feel compelled to do something. Start by reading your labels! Do a little research. There is a website, Skin Deep that will rate your products and tell you what is really in them. And if you want to delve into what is in your household cleaning chemicals then go to the Environmental Working Groups Cleaners database. Warning you may be shocked at what you find. I know I was. I was actually in denial for a little while.

Finding healthy alternatives is possible. It may take a little extra time, but it is worth it. I started shopping from a company called Melaleuca which carries products that do not contain these harsh chemicals and have really liked it.

I am concerned for my family. I believe the saying "put good in, get good out" is true. I wan't to protect Nora from the evils of this world, and while there are much more evil things, I know, I believe I should strive to give her the best. Starting with her body wash and toothpastes (in a few months).

this is not a sponsored post. simply my concerns and thoughts that I want to share with you.

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