Thursday, March 27

5 things I hope to do

one// I hope to one day soon start doing some small photography things on the side. While I have a long ways to go, I feel like every day I am learning something new and getting better and better. Practice make perfect, as the old saying goes. I have said it before but I don't think I will run out of people to practice on. I love photographing babies, so if you want some free photos I will do some for the practice :)

two// I want to homeschool Nora at least through elementary school. I feel like we could do so much and I already have ideas of fun ways to learn so many new things. I enjoyed being home-schooled and as I look back on it I value it even more. I hope that I can teach Nora so many new things and help her read, count, and explore the wide world around her.

three// I would really like to create a beautiful master bedroom for Ryan and I. Everywhere we have lived thus far has had a tiny bedroom and I just haven't felt that decorating it was a valuable use of my money. One day when we are slightly more settled I have so many wonderful ideas that I'd love to bring to life.

four// I hope that one day we can take Nora on some pretty great adventures around the world. We will hit up Disney World, but I'd like to show her what it's like to explore other countries. I want to take her and Ryan on a zip-line through the rainforest in Costa Rica, and to see the howling monkeys and other magnificent wildlife. 

five// I'd really love to write my own cookbook, compiled with my favorite creations and best dishes. I love to cook and create in the kitchen and I think it would be absolutely amazing to have something that I have written published. Cookbooks these days are a dime a dozen but I still think it would be pretty awesome. Maybe I'll write it and sell it for charity. 

Here's to a mini bucket list. One that I hope to check off long before I ever start thinking about kicking the bucket. Oh, and while we are on the subject of the world's cutest baby. I figured it wouldn't be blog worthy if I didn't include some absolutely adorable pictures that I took today.

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