Friday, February 28

A Typical Day At Our House

I love routine. Who doesn't really? It gives you structure, something to plan by, and peace of mind. For me, knowing that I will be able to grab a shower during the early morning nap and that I can do some cleaning and tidying during the afternoon nap is comforting. Of course not every day does life go perfectly as planned or according to schedule. When I was doing lots of pre-baby reading, I noticed how each author stressed getting your baby on a schedule. With a schedule they know what to expect, and there find comfort in that.  So with that said, here is our daily schedule. It is what works for us. 

7:00 AM  We wake up, do a diaper change, and Nora nurses.

7:30 AM   Head down stairs for me to make a cup of coffee and eat my oatmeal or yogurt and granola. Nora usually plays in her exer-saucer. I turn the today show on for about an hour usually. This is the only time during the day we have the tv on, but it's my guilty pleasure.

9:00 AM   Nora's first nap of the day. She usually nurses again before going down for her nap. In order to keep the mess to a minimum, I clean up the toys and books right after I put her down. I know we will get them back out, but if I take 5 minutes to tidy up three times a day things don't seem to get out of control. Then I will usually blog, do laundry, clean some bathrooms or floors, or shower. 

10:30 AM   Nora wakes up. Quick diaper change and we will read books for about 30 min. Then we do snack time for her which is usually pear and apple puree. Followed up by playtime and lots of laughs.

12:00 PM   Time for another nap. Nora will nurse again and go down for a 2 - 2 1/2 hour nap! I then usually do what I didn't get to do during the first nap, walk the dog, and eat some lunch. 

2:00 PM   Nora gets up and is usually in a great mood. We play, snap some pictures and she will nurse. 

3:00 PM   We will go out to run errands, go walk at the walking track, or go to the library to gets some new books to read. 

4:30 PM   Ryan usually gets home and he takes over while I do laundry or something I couldn't do during the day and start dinner.

5:30 PM   Dinner Time. Sometimes Nora will sit and play in her high chair and we can all eat a normal dinner, but sometimes its the typical new parent: I eat super fast while he holds Nora and switch. Then its dishes and play time. We like to turn on some jams and make this time all about fun.

6:30 PM   BATH TIME! Which in Nora's book is the best part of the day. I am pretty sure she is a fish reincarnated. (just kidding)  She splashes and we laugh. As soon as she comes out of the bath it's lotion, diaper, pjs, and nursing. And this little baby is off to Dream Land by 7:30 PM.

7:30 PM   Finish up the housework, and start washing the diapers (if it's a diaper washing night).

8:00 PM   We usually will talk about our day, watch a TV series, or read.

10:00 PM   Goodnight! Time to rest up for another day.

Whew that makes me tired just typing it. :) 
What is your day like? 
Do you do anything to make life easier on you?

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