Monday, March 31

Best of... the weekend

This past weekend, we had Ryan's parents up for a visit. It was nice to have family up here on a weekend.  It was a fun weekend and it completely wore Nora out. She didn't want to nap because she knew she would be missing out on fun. Come Sunday night she was zonked out. 
Here are some photos and highlights from the weekend!

On Saturday, they dropped me off at the gym and were going to drive and see where Ryan works. The said that not even 30 seconds after I got out of the car Nora had a world record blow out! Good Timing! Of course it got all over her clothes. She was wearing a little dress over a shirt and leggings. The dress was clean, and of course we didn't have a change of clothes in the diaper bag, so they just put the dress on her. It was so cute when I got back in the car she was asleep with her little arms showing. It looked like she didn't mind. 

Another great highlight! Zach, Ryan's brother, used the bathroom where I have the diaper sprayer for the cloth diapers. He came out a told his dad, "They have a hand held bidet!" We asked him if he used it, and we never got a clear "no" as an answer... I'll let you decide! :) Zach if you're reading this... oops!

The rest of the weekend we just spend playing with Nora. 


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