Monday, February 3

Nora at 5 Months

Nora is now 5 months old. Where is the time going. I knew it would go by fast but wasn't ready for this fast! Nora is growing and changing every day, which is tiring (so she tells me). Nap time is important and you know when it is time. She is on an awesome little schedule, which makes life so much easier. We are doing rice cereal once a day, for practice with the spoon and around 6 months I am planning on introducing new foods. Nursing is going so well, its hard for me to even want to start foods. It's so convenient for me and for Nora.

Nora's Favorite Things:
From day one, Nora has loved her bath. She is so calm and relaxed and could literally stay in there forever. Splashing with her legs is now the cool thing to do in the tub and she also has figured out what bath toys are! HELLO Rubber Ducky!

Almost every day we read through her entire library of books. We both just lay on the floor looking up at the book and read. It's amazing how long she will listen. Sometimes she will "read" too or touch my mouth to figure out just what I am doing to make all those sounds. Yes I now have The Foot Book and There's a Wocket in my Pocket memorized.

Dancing and Singing
Nora loves for us to turn on music and just dance and sing. When I sing along, she looks at me like I am Carrie Underwood (which I am most certainly NOT! ha).

And one out-take for good measure! This made me laugh!

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  1. She is so sweet! Love that you're blogging now. Yey for new milestones!


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