Tuesday, February 4

Baby Must Have: Toys

a. WubbaNub Pacifier: I thought we would out grow this quickly, but it it now one of the most popular "toys" in the toy basket. The stuffed animal on the end is "fun sized." Perfect for holding on to. Just recently Nora has figured out how to put the pacifier in her mouth, with no help. 
b. Dr. Seuss's Books of Rediculous Rhymes: These books are popular around here. The rhymes make her laugh and the tempo of the book is fun. As previously mentioned in another post, I have most of them memorized.
c. Leap Frog Violet Dog: Violet is pretty neat. You can program her to say your child's name, their favorite food (which Nora doesn't exactly have yet ha), color, and animal. The songs are rather catchy and just might get stuck in your head too! 
d. Sophie the Giraffe: She is very popular, and for a good reason: she squeaks and is fun to chew on! I know this will be a big factor when teething starts. I like her because she is easy to clean and also to throw in the diaper bag for when you are out of the house.
e. Bumbo Seat: While this isn't a toy exactly it is pretty fun for babies to sit up like us adults. Nora is dying to sit, she isn't always a fan of laying down, so this seat gives her just the support she needs to play in the up right position. It also has a tray that you can set toys on. She has really gotten good at picking things up off of it. 
d. Oball: these toys are really great because they are so easy for your little one to grasp onto. Nora can whip this ball all around and it is almost the size of her. She also has a smaller one. The rattle aspect is neat too.  It's super affordable and quite entertaining.

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