Friday, January 31

Nora's Room

When I was pregnant with Nora, I had so many big ideas and plans for what her room would look like. I knew paint colors I wanted to use, decor I had in mind, and how I wanted everything to look. We lived with my parents temporarily when Nora was born, so she was in our room there with us (which I loved!) It had a beachy feel, with light colored walls and tans and yellow accents. Right before Christmas we found out we would be moving up to Kentucky for Ryan's job. It's not permeant and we will probably only be here for a year. We found a small townhouse, which had everything we needed.
All that to say, on moving day I was let down. This wasn't how I had pictured her room. It wasn't as big as I had dreamed. It wasn't an ever-so-popular shade of grey. I wanted bigger and better for my baby girl.
I made it my goal to have her room settled before any other room.
And you know what?
I love it.
I am learning, life isn't going to be how you dreamed it would be....
It's much better because it is what God planned.
I am constantly (in this crazy rail-road-wife journey) reminded that each day is special. Each day I have with Nora. Each day I have with Ryan. We aren't living for more things, bigger things, we are in the now and looking forward to the future. Yes one day Nora's room may be as I dreamed it would be. Who knows it may be better, but what is important is that I am happy with the now. Nora doesn't know what color her room is or how big it is, all she cares about is the love and care she gets. And I know I give her the very best I possibly could.

Well with all that said you probably want to see the pictures. I have 3 pictures to hang but I have to order frames for them. So it isn't finished but I like that it is cozy, and most of all ours!


Rocking Horse: Pottery Barn Kids
Glider: Babies R Us
ABC's Art work: Hand Painted by Me


  1. Very cute! You did a good job, mama!

    1. Thank You! Like I said, it's really not at all what I had in mind but I really like it!


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