Thursday, January 30

The Artic Blast

The lovely "Artic Blast" or "Snowpocalypse," as some people called it, came just as we moved up to Kentucky. We are from the South, so the snow we got here was more snow than we have seen in years. While we tried to avoid looking like total newbies, we did get out and take some pictures while the snow was coming down. I mean it was Nora's first snow! Exciting times! It was cold. Like 15 degrees, cold. So we didn't stay out long. I am not sure Nora knew what to think about it. While we did absolutely no sledding, snowman building, or anything along those lines, we sure enjoyed the view of 6 inches of snow.


  1. Y'all look so cute and happy! Glad you enjoyed the snow. Hope you're settling in to the new place well! (Come back to Raleigh to visit any time, too. We have a guest room ready!)

  2. I swear, the US has had an unusual amount of snow and ice this year! I'm ready for winter to be over!

    1. I know! I'd love for March to be completely different. Sometimes March is a toss up but the way things are looking, I think it will be just as cold! :( Stay warm!


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