Wednesday, January 29

Why I threw my blender away...

For Christmas, my brother and I got our parents one of the Ninja blenders. Seriously, the best gift given all Christmas (not to brag or anything). We got this brilliant idea when we saw them loosing in a fight with their 1990's food processor to make hummus. LIGHT BULB! Lets get them a Ninja. They literally had no clue what was in that box on Christmas morning, which is rare around our house, because no one can keep a secret. The next day we were blending up everything!

And then it happened.
I got Ninja blender envy.

So in the process of this crazy move I trashed our old busted up blender we bought for $20.
Guess what is on its way to our place right now!? You are good. A NINJA! Smoothies for days people! Since ordering my very own, I have been studying up on all the things I will make with my Ninja.

So if you follow me on pinterest, you may have gotten a clue that I am excited to blend and puree here in the next few days. (Kind of like when people said they knew I was pregnant because of my pinning... Well people I didn't even know I was pregnant when I was pinning those baby things, so you are good! haha)

Here is one of the first green smoothies on my list...

found via pinterest

I will let you know how it goes and hopefully be concocting some of my own little recipes along the way.

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