Monday, August 19


This weekend we headed off to the O. Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC to celebrate a few things actually.
Our 3 year anniversary which was on July 17th
Our last time as just us two before baby joins us really any day now
My 23rd Birthday which is the 28th of this month!

So many fun things going on and we really enjoyed our little bit of luxury.

 We had an early check in so we got to check out our really cool suite with an amazing bathroom and then do some browsing in stores near by. 
Now that we are about to be parents you know, we just had to go in the toy store.
It was awesome! We lost track of time in there and I am pretty sure people thought we were crazy. 
Our favorite section, the stuffed animals. If it is an animal they had it in there!

Dinner reservations were at 6 at the Green Valley Grill!
Delicious! You may notice I order a hamburger, but it was seriously one of the best I have ever had!
Ryan on the other had order rotisserie steak!
It was quite delicious too.

The next morning we had breakfast in bed! YES PLEASE!
Seeing as how I am pregnant and can basically eat all day we order pretty much everything.
I was a happy camper.

Not a drop left :)

 This is a flash back picture to our honeymoon where we had breakfast delivered every morning and Ryan would take my picture.

Babymoon complete, now we just need us a baby!


  1. Love all of this - so cute and sweet, Mrs. Clara!

    1. Thank you! I kinda thought we wouldn't even get the opportunity to get away before she came, but we did and it was so nice.
      I hope you are doing great!


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