Thursday, August 15

Formerly know as Happy in Life, Young in Love...

Today I decided that it is time I do somethings to bring new life to my blog.
I felt like it wasn't really me anymore.
Don't get me wrong I am still feeling young (despite the aches and pains of pregnancy) and quite in love (despite the distance between my husband and I weekly).
I felt like with a baby coming truly any day now, I wanted this space to reflect our growing family.
I also wanted to simplify it a lot.
I worked on a new design, new name, and decided I didn't want to try to do sponsorship. 
Blogging is for me to enjoy, not to feel like it is a chore. 
You all are probably thinking, she does this all the time, disappears and comes back for like two days. 
And you would be right, but I want to get back in a grove.

You may be wondering where the new name came from.
It represents the two best things to ever happen to me on this earth:
My husband and my daughter (who will be joining us soon!)

I hope that you will stay with me as we continue this journey.

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