Tuesday, August 20

36 weeks

How Far Along:
36 weeks 2 Days

Size of Baby:
At 34 weeks she weighted only 4lbs 6oz which was 20th percentile, so hopefully she is gaining some weight. I am going to guess that she weighs about 5lbs 6oz now.

Maternity Clothes:
Ha is that a joke? 
I am ready to get back to my normal clothes and I am super excited to go shopping for some new fall clothes after she gets here.

Next Appointment:
August 26th


Food Cravings:
Still love Asian food, but I don't really crave food anymore. 
I just eat pretty much anything.

How I'm Feeling: 
I feel good. I have had painful contractions that are 4-5 minutes apart and could last for a day or two, I go in and get checked and nothing has happened. I jokingly told the nurses I wasn't going to the hospital until her head is hanging out from now on. 
I spent the night in the hospital just to be monitored about 1 week ago. No Fun :(

What I Miss:
I miss my shapeliness, energy, ability to use my abs fully, sushi, and a normal sized bladder.

Favorite Moment this Week:

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