Wednesday, February 27

Things No One Tells You...

{10 1/2 weeks, last Friday}

This whole growing a baby business is well quite different from the movies.
I mean, don't get me wrong, in my mind I am a glowing pregnant woman, but in real life, I am discovering more a more things that well no one will tell you about.

Baby Hair. I mean in just 11 short weeks, my body can produce these wispy little hairs all around my face that take me back to when I was well 8. I've never used hairspray but I am getting the feeling that that is all that could control these new short little hairs.

"You will feel fat and bloated before you feel pregnant." I mean really, why does no one tell you that?! A little warning would do lots to help a girl out!

Your boobs will grow to the size of small watermelons!  TMI? maybe but still it is so true. I mean I am not exactly complaining seeing how I was part of the IBTC {itty bitty titty comitty}. But still, I wasn't expecting it.

You will wake up to pee more than an 80 year old woman. I never had sleep interrupted for a bathroom break before, but it is predictable every night at 3 and 6.

And while sometimes you wish you had been told these things, there are other times you wish people would just stop talking...

When holding someone else's baby: "You need all the practice you can get." As if I have never held a baby before in my almost 23 years. And anyway doesn't a motherly instinct kick in when the baby comes? That's what I thought.

Or how about: "I used cloth diapers with my first child and I just don't think you understand how hard it is." Sometimes I just want to tell them that cloth dipers from the 60's are quite different from those of this era, and I will make that decision on my own, but thanks.

Pregnancy is fun and I am truly loving it!
I just think it is funny that there are things that you are never told.
Are people just embarrassed to talk about it?


  1. I think I might be more excited for your baby. I don't know why. I'm hungry. I love them. LOVE them. I've never heard the hair one. I HATE I sure hope that doesn't happen to me. But I'm glad you said all this, so now, I can know what to expect lol!


  2. I did a post on a friend's blog about things no one tells you, but it is for the later part. And yes, a lot of people are afraid to talk about the not so glamorous parts of pregnancy!

  3. This is a great post! I'll have to come back and reference these down the road. Not looking forward to the constant peeing, though. Ha!

  4. This literally made me laugh out loud on my lunch break today - especially the part about holding peoples babies! I bet that gets so old so fast!

  5. Girl! No one shares the nitty've got to drag it out of people ha. Read the post that Lauren shared on my blog--super helpful. My advice: eat lots of fiber...especially once you start getting bigger and your organs start getting pushed it weird places. Constipation/hemorrhoids have been my most unpleastant part of pregnancy and NOBODY WARNED ME! It doesn't happen to everyone during pregnancy (I've heard it's more common postpartum). Talk to your doctor about it and ask if there's anything you can take before it gets too out of hand. Trust me, if you already have the talk with them and have what you need (I took some Colace and fiber gummies and drank some prune juice) it will save you a few tears. Sorry if that was all TMI but I really wish someone would have warned me.

  6. Girl, just wait until you're farther along. The morning sickness and nausea will be nothing compared to your back killing you, your feet swollen and it literally being impossible to shave your legs. We had a "baby gate" for our dogs in our hallway when I was pregnant and I would have to walk through sideways to get to the bathroom because my belly was so big and wouldn't fit through the baby gate.


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