Tuesday, February 26

Dealing with Loss

My brother and I got sugar when she was just a puppy and we were ages 8 and 10.
She was a wonderful family dog, who had lots of life and energy in her.
She made friends with the people that lived around us and would go visit them on a daily basis.
If she hadn't been by their house in a while they would call to check on her.
She would meet a little girl at the bus stop every day and watch tv with her until her mom got home.
She made friends with an elderly man who would take her for rides around town in his truck.
Although I did't see sugar everyday since going off to college, she would always be at home to welcome me.
She loved to be rubbed and if you stopped she would put her paw on you until you started back.
She had gotten sick in the last few weeks and has been dealing with sever arthritis and some other health problems. 
Yesterday she had to be put to sleep.
It is really hard to lose the first real family pet that my brother and I had.
I am thankful that she did not die a painful death. It is comforting to know she went peacefully.
So many wonderful memories included Sugar. 
Golden Retrievers are truly the sweetest.

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  1. Nooo. Are you serious? I know how much you loved her because of Instagram! She is the cutest. I have always wanted a golden retrievers. I'm super sorrY :( That's never easy!


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