Monday, February 25

Nursery Planning

I guess it is only natural to start planning your nursery the moment you find out you are expecting. 
Some people wait until they know if they are having a girl or a boy, but figured why not plan for both!

I envision the nursery being versatile for babies in the future, so many of the pieces with be more neutral. I was thinking that we would use gender specific colors as accent colors in different wall decor, lamps, rugs, or pillows. 



I like Navy and Grey as base colors and then for a BOY we would use Red and Orange as accent colors and for a GIRL we would use Pink and Purple as accent colors.

I love the dog prints from Walfry for a girls room or a boys room.
Another thing I want to incorporate are Sock Monkeys. They are just so cute and classic.
I want the room to feel classic and somewhat eclectic. 
I don't really want a theme but more just different fun pieces to make up a unique nursery.

This is the type of crib and the bedding we chose from Pottery Barn Kids!
I love it because it will work with our next baby too!

There are so many wonderful ideas out there it can get overwhelming.
It is still surreal at times that we will have a little one with us in September!


  1. I love your color palates, keeping the navy and gray base will make it so that you could keep everything for the future! Love!!

  2. I love the navy/grey and adding the pops of colors according to gender. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  3. I love love love the navy grey!! it is so exciting for you guys as you start preparing for your little one!

  4. I saw this on my feed & have been meaning to comment! I'm so excited for you! Love the colors. LOVE.

  5. Love the colors! And the dog prints are so cute!

  6. in love with the dog prints! how awesome


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