Wednesday, September 5

Tofu Tacos- What to Do with TOFU?!

So if you are like me you may have always wanted to try to like tofu and learn to cook it but never knew where to start.

Well I think I have learned how to cook tofu and not end up with flavorless mushy gushy mess.
Here is a good beginner recipe!


1 pack Extra Firm Tofu
Whole grain Tortillas
Chili Powder
Chipotle Powder {optional}
Colby Jack Cheese {Shredded}
Tomato {diced}
{Any other taco toppings you may like}

Step 1: Press your tofu to remove liquid.
This is the most important step in preparing tofu because it removes all that flavorless water and makes your tofu ready to accept flavors.
I put it between a clean towel and set a plate on it, or just something heavy.

Step 2: Cut and Season the tofu.
First Cut your tofu how ever you would like. It can be cut into strips or cubes.
I used a combination of mexican flavors to season my tofu, but you can decide what you would like to season it with. The more flavor the better!

Step 3: Heat a nonstick pan with NO OIL!
This is key! You dont need oil to cook the tofu. 
If you use oil your tofu will just taste like the oil.
Any time you cook tofu cook it in a dry pan then add any liquid flavoring you would like.
Pan sear your tofu until browned.

Step 4: Pepare your tofu tacos with all the fixin's!!


Tofu can be scary, but I challenge you to try it! 
It is loaded with protein and super cheap!
Email or comment if you have any questions.
I am not a tofu expert but I'd love to help you try it!


  1. that looks so good!! will have to try

  2. This is great! I always try to like tofu, but I can't get over the texture. I think I could do this!! You always have the best recipes!

  3. I normally hate tofu, but this looks like it could actually be good! thanks for sharing :) I will have to try this out!


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