Monday, September 10

Show and Tell: Baby Talk

Today I am talking all things Baby and linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Moma. If your are reading this and you are my mom, mother-in-law, father, father-in-law, husband, or even just a usual reader. NO I AM NOT HAVING A BABY! JUST HAVING FUN TALKING ABOUT BABIES!

I want to have one in the not so distant future as in less than 2 years if that answers your looming questions. haha :) so lets get the baby party talk started!!

1. Tell us your favorite baby names? 

Girl Names

Anna Leigh

Boy Names


2. Show me your "dream" nursery {can be your baby's nursery or one that you love}

I love these two nurseries because they can be easily converted into a "grown-up" kids room when they have out grown the crib. They are also decorated very differently but I love each of the approaches!

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?
I would be completely happy with anywhere from 2 to 4 kids and I would like to have them about 2 years apart. I know that will keep me busy but it will drag out the empty nest syndrome and I wont have to send them all to college right at the same time at least I will have 2 out by the time the third is head off to college haha ;) 

That is just my plan though and we know how those go. Well we know that they never really go so who knows what will happen.

4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?
Oh gosh I Am not even a parent yet, but I did have on gosh darn good set of parents. I guess the importance is the consistency. Kids need the consistant love, the consistant discipline, the consistant care, the consistant knowledge that dinner will be there. They need to know that they can alway rely on their parents to do the best for them in what ever situation. Even before babys can talk they can pick up on the signs of constant care and love or inconsistant parenting. Parenting is hard because kids are growing up and changing so parenting requires change as well , but that is part of the packaged deal.

5. Show us your favorite newborn photo {can be your children or random}
I am changing the question a little... and showing you how I want to reveal that we are having a baby/the gender. So, mom/dad don't expect a phone call. I am doing something BIG to tell everyone I am having a baby!! :)

I hope you enjoyed the baby talk... I sure did ;) Don't tell Ryan....

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  1. I love the name Drew for a boy...and Lilly-Kate is so pretty for a girl!

  2. I just met a Quinn for the first time! and that Bump Ahead picture is such a cute idea!

  3. Love the nursery pictures, I agree with designing them so that they can transition easily when they grow up! I'm with you on wanting a couple years in between kids to give yourself time to get used to having an empty house! :)

    <3 Melissa

  4. Elise (or Elyse) is one of my favourite names ever :)

  5. A friend of mine is about to have a little girl and they are naming her Lily-Kate. So cute and the first I had heard of that name. I love that same nursery too. I pinned it some time ago. :)

  6. hey! super silly question but how do I link up? Im new to this whole thing and Id love to join in

  7. How fun! Your names are precious: my favorites are Rorie and Emerson!

  8. i love the name Rory! i've been trying to talk my husband into it for #2!

  9. Totally saw this and was like awww preggers! So thanks for the disclaimer, lol :)


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