Wednesday, August 15

A Girl and her Pearls!

So if you have seen pictures of me, you know what my style is when it comes to Jewelry.
They are pretty much the only earrings I will wear.
I think it is a mixture between the following things...
a) they go with everything!
b) they are classy and never go out of style
c) I am lazy 
d) you can work out in the am then go out in them!

Who would't/ doesn't own a pair right?

So, if you love your pearls as much as I do, you may want to hop on over to My Freshwater Pearls!

That is where I got these beauties, which I now wear instead of my pearls that I had been wearing for almost 2 years!
I love them! they are the perfect size and are very secure!

Be sure and hop on over to My Freshwater Pearl's facebook page to get the updates on all the sales and newest items and then uses one of these great sale codes when you buy some pretty pearls to add to your classy, versatile wardrobe!

$5 off when you spend $20.00 or more-code: freefive
$10 off when you spend $40.00 or more-code: freeten
$15 off when you spend $60.00 or more-code: free15

Enjoy your pearls, girls!
and Happy Hump Day!


  1. Pearls are my absolute favorite's pretty much all that my jewelry consist of..

  2. I need some pearl earrings! Those are cute!!

  3. i love pearls! they are so classy

  4. I love pearls too! For all the exact reasons that you listed ; )

  5. Love pearls! Classy, go with everything. Beautiful!

  6. beautiful! someone just recently told me 'never go to bed without your pearls'. love them! and i love that you said happy hump day! i have been so tempted to say that to people - but then think.. wait, they might think i'm like some crazy girl. so i refrained. :) but i'm glad you did for us both!

  7. I so agree w you, pearls are just so classic. I love a girl in pearls. Your blog is adorable, I really like the name. New follower!

  8. so cute! i love my pearl earrings!


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