Sunday, August 12

The Life of a Geographically Single Wife

So, the hubby has been doing some traveling for work...
I know. Womp. Womp. Womp. 
It stinks.

I have been working about 40-50 hours a week and it is wearing me out. 
But the thing is, I have never really lived the single life before now and I am starting to learn why. 
I am not cut out for it.

How do you cook for one?
Oh wait, you don't!

I eat dinners that go a little something like this:
Cereal and Flax Milk
Beans and Rice

How do you do laundry for one with out doing tiny loads?
Oh wait, you don't!

And why clean up the bathroom counter when no one else is competing for counter space?
Oh wait, you don't!

I will tell you now that I much prefer my married life over this!
And I realize now just how much my man did for me, like the dishes and putting away my bathroom counter messes. 
Thank you Babe!


  1. Love being married! I'm sorry you're experiencing the single life now- I know you can't wait until your hubby gets home! And my hubs does the dishes too! (I hate gross things... haha)

  2. Aww single/married life sucks... It really makes you appreciate what you've got :) At least you've been busy with work. That kind of makes it a bit easier...sorta. Don't forget to link up with us on Tuesday for the 10 Day Challenge. We're starting at the top with 10 Secrets :)

  3. it gets lonely - definitely makes those times together so precious! you're so strong too! i've been praying for you, friend! so good to hear from you :)

  4. It's really hard once you get used to being two to just go to being one for awhile... Here's to your single girl time though! Watch lots of chick flicks, eat lots of junk and have a good time. ;) haha

  5. It is hard!!
    I always worry when my man goes away even just for a weekend - who's going to do the dishes while he's gone!? ;)

  6. you two are precious! Sorry about the time away from your hubby! I bet he can't wait to see you!

  7. You two are precious! Sorry about the time away from your hubby. I'm sure he can't wait to see you! I'm not married yet but I am in a long distance relationship (have been for almost 3 years) and it's always a hard adjustment to leave after the summer knowing i wont see him often. But you can do it! Make the most of it and have some girl time! invite some friends over for dinner!

  8. I totally know what you mean! I'm not cut out for the single life either. When I'm alone for 2 hours I don't even know what to do with myself. haha I eat random things when it's just for me too. What's the point of cooking? I also have the same counter mess issue. I've been working on it (but failing) ; )


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