Monday, July 9

Motivate Me Monday

I know it is a little late for anything "Monday," but I have been wanting to participate with Amanda at For Love of a Cupcake's Motivate Me Monday's link up which talks all about getting motivated to work out.

I know I have to stay motivated to work out regularly and lately the best motivator for me has been internal and my own routine.
I love the "high" I get when I work out, and strength I feel to press on! And that is what motivates me to do more!

I am giving you all my work-out because it is what gets me going to the gym.
I know that accomplishing all of it is empowering and motivating.
So may if you try a little of it you will feel the same!

And go ahead! Flex in mirror! It's ok! Its motivational!

I feel like I can do anything when I am working out, and I LOVE IT!

I hope that you will find what I do helpful and you can Integrate it into your daily work out.

Emil me with questions and Happy Exercising!
Stay Fit and Stay Active!


  1. woohoo motivator!! way to go! :) i have a question.. but it's not about exercising ;) i'll email you! :):)

  2. You look so great! I love staying active, it makes me feel so much better! Looking forward to reading more from you!!



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