Sunday, July 8


I am a big family girl.
Growing up, I spent Sunday afternoons with my family, watching movies, doing our homework, practicing for Bible drill, hanging out, goofing off, doing things out side... just being family. 
I went off to college and Sundays were some of the most depressing days of the week {ever} for me. 
Those were my family days. 
The days I was supposed to be at home with my family lounging around because we had all just eaten Mom's Sunday lunch. 
And now I was in my dorm or the library doing homework {no family in sight}. 

Now Ryan and I are 3 hours away from my family and some sundays I still feel like we should all be doing that together still. 

The point I am trying to make is that, my parents came to town this weekend and we ate dinner last night, walked around the park in downtown and laughed and had a good time.
We went to church this morning and I cooked Sunday lunch for everyone at our apartment and we all just hung around watching tennis. 
We even made Lemonade Slushies in our ice cream machine {post on that later}.
It was like old times.

And, I couldn't help but have to wipe the tear when I had to say by for another month and wave them on home.

There is nothing like family.

*I am sorry we didn't even take a single picture the whole weekend. Bad Blogger*


  1. Aww, I could imagine it's hard. My boyfriend and I are holding on to our relationship after he moved three hours away. Well, I'll be moving up there with him in December and I keep thinking about how hard it's going to be being that far from my family :( but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. there is nothing quite like family traditions :)) i am 45 mins away from my family and still feel like THAT is too far! hang in there sweets. love what youve done with your blog btw!

  3. It's so hard. We're only an hour away from my grandparents (who I grew up with) but we still don't get a chance to see them often. The worst is my little sister who lives in Vegas (5 hours away driving) with my nephew. We only get to see them once a month or once every other month. It sucks.

  4. It is hard. I am transitioning into the fact that I lived 4 hours away from my husband and now I live with my husband and am 4 hours away from my family. It is tough but I try and tell myself as much as possible that it could be worse. Sounds like a perfect weekend!
    New follower and blogger. Love your blog girl!

  5. It's so tough being away from family. It definitely helps to have a strong friend network where you live when your family is so far. We live across the country from both sides of our families while my hubs is going to school. I still cry every time I say goodbye to my mom. The thing that helps me the most is that fact that I talk to her pretty much every day, even if it's just for 15min, just to say hi.

  6. This is so sad :(
    I moved to Australia in March, and even skyping makes me feel so teary afterwards :(

  7. I completely understand where you're coming from! Growing up my cousins were (and still are) more like siblings and we would always eat dinner at my grandparent's house (which was right down the street) after church on Sundays. Family is so important! I miss mine everyday, but Skype has been such a blessing. I've even been included on those Sunday dinners via Skype. :)

  8. Yay for family time! My immediate family lives about two hours away now and I hate that I can't see them more often. I spent so much time with my family growing up. I totally get what you are saying about Sundays!

  9. Family is so important! I'm so happy for you that you got to enjoy them this weekend! we are both so close to out families. We are very blessed to have them just minutes away:)

  10. i totally couldn't agree with you more! family is so huge to me too. i live 3 miles from my mom and 1 hour from my husbands family. it's so hard sometimes to be far away from one family [we used to be 3 miles from his family and 1 hour from mine]. it's going to be hard when we find somewhere to really settle down.. it kind of scares me where we'll end up.. :/

  11. I hear ya! My family is three hours away too! It's so tough when we have to leave to come home or they leave from here... Saying goodbye is lame. :)

  12. I know exactly how you feel. It's hard being far away. I think about all of the dinners and get togethers we could have and it makes me sad too. Saying goodbye is the hardest.


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