Tuesday, July 10

A little Honesty, a Little Home Decor

In an attempt to be me to you in this thing called blogging, I must be honest and say that life gets you down sometimes.

Just when you think you have the plan figured all out, the plan gets ruined.

Ryan, was in a wreck on Sunday afternoon after my parents left.
GOOD NEWS: he was completely ok, but the old and not so great jeep was hurt.
We are waiting to hear the appraisal of the vehicle and damages, but it can't be much, and the chances of it being totaled are high.
Which leaves us with little $ and only 1 car.

God will provide, he always has, but I will tell you that before you think you have things figured out and plan in place, you should probably just plan for your plan to go wrong!


After a 3 hour detour and many unplanned events, we finally got around to what we had planned on doing with our Sunday afternoon.

We turned a vintage calendar into wall art!

What do you think?

We hung them so they would be random and they are all in poster frames which are super cheap!!

I suggest this for a cheap decoration idea!

I hope you all have enjoyed your Tuesday and will have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Replies
    1. Lauren Thank you so much! I am so thankful he was ok!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your car but so glad to hear he's ok! Praying the Lord will work out all of the details. I absolutely love the wall art! Looks great!


    1. Whitney! Thank you so much! I am so glad he was safe and God is the best because they are going to just fix the car and not total it! {even though it was worth less than the repairs cost!}

  3. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

    1. Melissa! Thanks so much for hosting the hop! I always meet some wonderful bloggers! I'd love to co-host sometime in the future. :)

  4. Glad to hear he is doing okay...and LOVE the wall art! Such a cute idea!

  5. u poor thing... glad is he ok though. nothing else you can do now but put it in God's hands and PRAY.

  6. Oh wow. So glad ur hubby is okay! An the whole one car deal.. No fun. We are currently experiencing that, but hey could be worse right!?

    Love the new posters that are up!! Such a cool idea!!

  7. I'm glad to know your husband is ok! That's a good idea with the calenders. I hate throwing old ones out because of the pictures. Your idea looks great.

  8. Wow, that's really scary with the car accident! Glad everyone is safe! My little sister just got in a bad accident, totalled her car which actually belonged to my grandparents, so we're right now going through the process of trying to find a good, solid, cheap car for her...Here's hoping that you find a great and affordable car very soon!

  9. I am glad God was looking out for you guys... New follower from GFC hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Hosting Facebook hop now. Over 150 facebook pages. Love for you to join the fun ;)


  10. Oh no!! Thinking of you!! Thank goodness he's okay!!

    Those posters look fantastic!!!

  11. So sorry to hear about the accident! It is always so stressful and scary when that happens!

    AWESOME idea with the calendar!! Love it! You did a great job!

  12. OH no! Glad to hear he's ok! Sorry girl... the poster wall looks amazing though!


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