Friday, July 6

Friday Letters...

Dear Family, I am so happy you are coming to visit this weekend. I can't wait to take you to a yummy restaurant and enjoy some family time. Dear Heavenly Father, you have been so faithful to Ryan and I. You have blessed us with wonderful new friends in our town, a church, jobs, and so much more. I so thankful. Dear Blog and Blog Friends, some weeks I have major creative spurts and lots of time and others I run short on both. You are always so great! Dear Sleep, I have been so busy with fun, friends, work, and going to Bible study that I havent left much time for you :( its starting to catch up with me. Dear Ryan, I am not ready for you to start work but I am ready for you to start work. You have been so great helping around the house while I have been working the past weeks. I am thankful for all you do and ready for your job training to be over already!

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  1. He works in such amazing ways, so glad you've been blessed. Enjoy your job Ryan! Enjoy your weekdnd!

  2. I feel like I'm always trying to think of stuff to say on my blog because most days for me are very much the same. But I think it's mainly about connecting with people even on the boring days. I like your blog!

  3. I hope you catch up on some sleep soon. Have a great weekend xo

  4. Just found your blog through a Whispering Sweet Nothings blog connection. My husband and I live in Spartanburg, SC. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  5. Sleep is my best friend! I love this post and your blog! Xx Elly

  6. have fun with your family this weekend!


    have a good one!

  7. Get some sleep :) Love your shirt, I have it in purple! haha


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