Tuesday, May 1

Pasta Bean Salad

Another Recipe?

I feel like my life has been rather boring lately and for that I apologize, but I have had some serious creative juices flowing in the food and recipe category. So why not share right?

This Recipe is called "PBS" because while eating our dinner last night, I asked Ryan what this meal should be called and he said that it should be called PBS, which would stand for pasta bean salad, because it is a mixture of, well all of those ingredients.

So here it is...

PBS - Pasta Bean Salad

1/2 Bag of Penne Pasta
1 can of white kidney beans {drained}
1 cup fresh spinach {medium chop}
15 cherry tomatoes {cut in half}
Skim milk or Olive oil for "sauce"
Feta Cheese
Parmesean Cheese
Garlic Salt {to taste}

Step 1: Boil and Drain the Pasta
Step 2: Heat the drained beans with small amount of water to keep from sticking
Step 3: Toss the Pasta with either 1/3 cup milk or 2 tbs olive oil over low heat
Step 4: Add in heated beans, fresh spinach, tomatoes, and garlic salt.
Serve and top with either or both cheeses!

Super Easy

*I am sorry I didn't end up getting a good plated picture before it was devoured. 
Good sign I guess! 

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  1. Yum! You can never have too many recipes :)


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