Monday, May 7

Designing and Dreaming

So I am not much of a designer, interior decorator, or any of thing in relation to those two really, but I do, like most women, want my house to be pretty and feel like a home. 
And I can look at Pottery Barn .com to get some pretty good ideas.

I decided that today I would indulge my materialistic side only momentarily and only on the blog and put together some wants for our new apartment.

I love neutrals and worn wood, so these pieces shouldn't surprise you.
We will also have laminate hardwood floors, that is why we will need a big area rug!

This is my budget-less list of must haves, maybe one day Ill find comprables on Target and other sites. 



Coffee Table

 *of course I will always have fresh squeezed lemonade out for Ryan when he gets home from work and a book for leisure reading on the table with a leaf on it.... not!

Happy Monday Ladies!!

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