Wednesday, May 9

Tips for going Meatless

So a while back, Ryan and I decided to cut out meat from our diet.
We thought it might be hard, but it has actually turned out to be a great health adventure!

We stopped eating meat for health reasons.

While meat can have great protein in it, it also has high amounts of fat and cholesterol. By not eating meat a person can improve their overall heath and decrease the likely hood of high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and possibly even cancer!

Is it possible for your body to feel clean? 
because I think that after about what 3 weeks now, mine does!
 {call me crazy}

So in light of our successful diet change, I thought I'd do a mini series called "... Meatless"

Today we will talk about how to go meatless and the next post will be a week of meals all planned out. We may continue it out with some other posts, who knows...

I am just excited about this new adventure for us, and I hope that I can share some ideas and as always recipes!!

So, are you thinking about cutting back on meat? or maybe going vegetarian?
If so there are some tools you may want to have in your apron, if you will...

an experimental attitude
a good meal planning guide/grocery list
and a grocery store with lots of fresh produce and/or a farmers market

{Grocery List}

Here is a sample of how I lay out my grocery list.
I write down the meals on the left and all the ingredients we will need, then on the right I write the ingredients we will need to buy.

This way my meal plan is also like my recipe when I create new ideas!

{Protein Bars}
You have got to try out some protein bars to find the ones you like the most.
These are good ways to 
A. get a filling snack in when you are crunched for time
B. a great way to supplement your protein

I suggest LaraBars, Clif Bars, and the Luna Bars. 
{even the Z-bars which are made by Clif are good for us women because they have fewer calories and sometimes I can't finish a whole Clif Bar}
Try some out. I suggest that you go for more all natural organic options because lots of actual body building protein bars have lots of chemical and dont taste as good.

{Get Creative}

Get creative when you are meal planning. 
Think of flavors and certain foods you like and then think of what would go with them.

Try it! If you fail at a meal eat it and move on! I promise you wont be the first to do it!
You will only make good meals from some flops!

I often go off of combinations such as plain old rice and beans {complete protein!} and then jazz it up with avocado, salsa, etc! 

Think of things you would have eaten with meat, then think of ways to make it with out the meat!

Browse you grocery store. 
You will find lots of new flavor ideas and you never know what you might come up with from just one thing! 

This is just the start, but these are somethings I have learned. 
Email me, ask me questions, but I must say I am not an expert. 
I am just like you: trying to figure this all out :)

{Keep you eyes out for the next ... Meatless post and if you have any recipe requests that would be awesome!!}


  1. I've been a vegetarian for 13 years (also for health reasons) and this is awesome! Keep it up!

  2. I am so excited for this!!! Before I got pregnant we were pretty much vegan, since getting pregnant we're back to eating meat. BUt, we're planning on going vegan again after. I agree 100% : You just feel so much better!!

    1. I do feel 10x better! I would often feel sick to my stomach after dinner, but I never do now. Vegan would be hard for us because Ryan especially loves his milk and cheese haha :)

  3. this is an awesome post! ive cut out most meats, but would like to go meatless @ least for a little while to see the difference!

    1. Melissa you should try it out for a while, it might even be kind of like a cleanse, or who knows you just might not miss meat haha!


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