Monday, April 23

Weekend Review and the Countdown Begins!

It's about time we get a little positivity around here right?
It sure seems like I have been miss Debbie Downer lately and for that I apologize.
School work has sure gotten the best of me, but I think it is about time to take the changes to look at things on the bright side.

So, we are going to do a Countdown and Weekend Review to get this LAST WEEK OF COLLEGE CLASSES EVER started off on the right foot!

{Weekend Review}

Lets start with the food!
You may have read my previous post where I talk about eating a preservative free, all natural diet. {check it out here} Well Ryan and I have decided after much research to eat a more plant based diet. We are not going to be considered vegans, but lacto-ovo vegetarians. That means you don't eat meat, but you do eat dairy and egg products.  We will see how this goes, but we are very certain that there are many health benefits from eating a more plant based diet.

So with that said, we cooked a pretty tasty meal on Saturday Night!
Basmatti Rice, Balsamic Mushrooms, and Broccoli with Parmesan

All Natural Pear Pastry with Maple Syrup, Oats, Nutmeg, and homemade pie dough!
Ok so maybe the food was the highlight of my weekend really.
I spent most of my time at the library on Saturday and Sunday, but....


I can't wait!
All that stands in the way are:
One 30 minute presentation on the company Caterpillar
One Paper
Several 90 second speeches for the Innovation Showcase
One hour long presentation to our client for the practicum
A Networking Dinner
A final in purchasing

I am going to cross them off as I do them!!!!

Happy Monday Y'all!

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  1. You're almost done!!! So excited for you! That pear pastry looks amazing! You should totally post the recipe :)


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