Thursday, April 19

Epic Fail Thursday!

Well Folks, I called this post "Epic Fail Thursday," because it was just that.
One epic fail after another.
And you know what one epic fail after another equals, a beyond exhausted, worn-out, Clara.

Epic Fail 1: I am taking a purchasing class, because I am a Supply Chain Major and we discuss all types of things related to getting the goods where they need to go. This morning we had negotiations, and I was the lead negotiator for the supplier and we were negotiating with potential buyers {other people in our class}. We start the negotiation and they start firing off all these numbers and facts about our company that we were never given in our description! Um hello! Not Fair! So of course I had to just go by the seat of my pants and make it all up as we went! All that planning down the drain. Epic FAIL!
It ended up going alright and we didn't ruin the negotiation {only because of my amazing poker face skills and I never showed my surprise} but I was thinking in my head that whole time boy is this one EPIC FAIL!

Epic Fail 2: I had designed a 36in x 48in poster board in Illustrator for another big class I am taking and had about 8-10 people look over it for any errors or mistakes before I took it to be printed. I go to pick it up with my friend Leslie on today and we find TWO spelling mistakes at the top of the board!!! WHAT! I was so upset! EPIC FAIL! Not only was this a spelling mistake we has misspelled the word assessment as assesment! way to go! and we had tracking with no c! So we had to PAY big $ to get it reprinted with no spelling errors because we are perfectionist and we have to use the board to present our project about 10 times in the next 2 weeks!
* Disclaimer- You may have also noticed by now that my spelling is not the best, and I apologize for that. I wasn't born with that skill.

Epic Fail 3: Ryan and I finally get home for dinner tonight and we fix a boring meal of chicken and rice pilaf {yeah no vegies, I know}  and I want a little something sweet, so I pull out a box of muffin mix. We mix it up and bake it and I sit down to eat it and immediately spit it out! YUCK! it tastes HORRIBLE! like Gross! I then proceed to look at the expiration date which I should have BEFORE we baked them and see the atrocious date of November 2011!

This was me all day, haha!

So yeah folks there you have it, one fabulous day of Epic Fails.
Lets not make this a usual Thursday posting or a Link up, ;)

I hope your day was much better!


  1. We are just blog sisters today! I also had a day of fails (maybe not epic, but fails nonetheless). I had complications with registering for fall classes, I lost my headphones and I came to class completely unprepared for a quiz. :( Lets hope for a better day tomorrow!

    P.S., about your response to my graphic design post...I found some online Digital Imaging classes at the nearby community college in Austin. They teach you about Photoshop and Adobe, along with some other programs! I'm not sure where you are from, but I would recommend looking to a community college just to get some experience under your belt for cheap! Also, my mom's friend is an interior designer, so I have contacted her asking about seminars, etc. I will let you know what she says. :)

    1. Becca, I am pretty sure that when you are in the moment any fail feels pretty epic right haha! I am sure that you did fine on the quiz, that is how it normally goes, but I do hope that this weekend has been much better!
      And thanks for the graphic design tips I will look in to some classes at a community college that is a really good idea! I want to just learn more about all the fun stuff, right now I am tired of the things I am studying in college ;)

  2. Gah I hate days like that!! I hope your Friday is MUCH better :)
    My husband is in purchasing! I would die to be a fly on the wall during one of his negotiations... what do you want to go into with supply chain?

    1. Thanks Kay! Friday did get better thank goodness!
      That is cool that you hubby does purchasing, I had originally been really interested in going into purchasing, but now I am sort of look all across the board at different business jobs. I really like process management, that is my OCD side coming out ;). I am applying to some banking jobs right now, but I really just want to be in a job that I love and can one day be a mom and maybe do both!

  3. I had the back of my skirt tucked into my panties today, so I really hope your Friday was a ton better than mine!

    1. Girl I think You got me beat! I would have died!!!! I worry about that happening to me all the time!
      I sure hope that this weekend has been better!!


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