Tuesday, April 17

Is it only Tuesday??

Oh man! Is it really only Tuesday? 
I feel like I have been running around like a "chicken with its head cut off"
{pardon the old back woods saying} 
These projects are really just kicking my little hinny!

I just thought I'd give you a lovely visual of me in distress during this rough week haha!
I wish I had gotten ahead on all my blogging plans over the weekend but of course all those nasty projects took up took much time!

So here's to graduation and real life and catching up on blog posts that I should have written like days ago and comments I still haven't replied to.
{I am going to fix all of those ASAP!}

This is part of one of my big nasty projects!!!


  1. i love that first picture. i remember feeling like that after the first week of my senior year! you'll get through it. with flying colors. and then you'll kind of miss it. even though that project does look nasty!
    xx jes


    1. Oh man Jess, I know that I will eventually miss college, but I am sure ready to see the end right about now haha
      So glad to stopped by!!
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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