Sunday, March 11

A {No Words} Kind of Sunday

It has been a beautiful Sunday, the kind that makes you feel new and refreshed.
The sun is bright and the air is Crisp and you spend the day reflecting on Christ's love and your many blessings.
This past week we sang a song that has really been on my heart:

- How Deep The Father's Love -
"Why should I gain from his reward? I cannot give an answer, but this I know with all my heart his wounds have paid my random"

There is no logical reason that we would receive forgiveness for our sins with out having to do anything, but that is the beauty of the Gospel.

I hope that you too have been refreshed this Sunday and that you may enter the week with strength.

{We keep praying for patience as we wait to hear from jobs and I would sure love to give you a positive update a.s.a.p.}

                                                                          Source: via Clara on Pinterest

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