Monday, March 12

My Journey: Part 5

I have told you all the details from the doctors visits, to the surgeries, to recovery and I promised you that I would get around to really talking about what God taught me through it all.
So here it is.

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God Strengthened my Relationship with My Mom
When I say that, I don't want you to think that my mom and I were at odds with each other or we didn't get along, because that was not the case. God used this time to teach me to rely on her and to trust her. I thought, like most teenagers do, that your mom is sort of always out to get you, but boy did I learn what a lie of the world that was. After my surgeries, I had to rely on her to help me get baths and wash my hair and put on my clothes and makeup. I could do nothing with out her, and that really took our relationship to a new level. I needed her like I had never experienced before {at least like I had never remember experiencing before}. We became best friends. I learned that I could trust her to always be there and to never leave my side. She slept in those awful recliners night after night, by my side, and woke every time the nurse came in. If for nothing else I am so very thankful for this challenge because it gave my mom and I a relationship like no other. A relationship that I know we will always have now. Only God can create such beauty from that.

God Taught Me Humility
Just like I said, I went from being completely independent to reliant on my mom for everything for 8 weeks and then again for another 8 weeks. That my friend will give you a big dose of humility. It is so easy to find pride in your standing. You may wonder what I mean by that. I mean that I realize now that I had pride in being independent, and while independence is a normal part of life as an 18 year old, I believe that we should never take such pride in something that if it were removed we lose our identity.

God Taught Me to Seek Him
When I got home from the hospital, I spent many hours alone, and in my human nature I resorted to watching TV and sulking about the state I was in. One day, my dad came home and he could tell I had basically cried all day and he said, "Clara, maybe God is trying to use this time to teach you how to seek him. Try using the quite times to read his Word and find encouragement there." I'd love to say that from that point on I couldn't put the Bible down and I never cried again and wasn't lonely, but it sure did help. I grew, and I read his word. I learned that he wasn't punishing me and that I was wasting my time sulking when I could be growing as a child of Christ.

While God taught me so much during that time, so much that I could not write enough blog posts to cover them all, I feel that these three areas God constantly worked on. He never relented and I am so thankful, now, for the chance to have grown. I know that I would not be the wife, daughter, and friend I am today were it not for what God did to me through this valley.

I hope that by sharing my hard time that you too will be encouraged. Don't give up hope and look to Christ for strength, it's never too late.


  1. Wow, this is such an amazing story. People who don't let their illnesses or problems get them down are inspirational to everyone. =) Your story reminds me of my aunt. Your health issues are/were wildly different (she passed away after battling breast cancer for years..) but she praised God all along the way. She was an inspiration and she shared her story - the good and the bad. Just like you. =)

    1. Thank you So very much! all you kind words mean so much! It was by far the most difficult time I have faced in my life up until this point and pray ever, but God was faithful to be with me every step of the way. He gave me wonderful parents and close friends who did more for me than I could ever repay! I can now look bak on it an see the growth that it brought me. I am so happy you are following my blog! I hope enjoy all the fun and experience life with us a little! :)

  2. I just recently found out (like two weeks ago) that I also have Chiari malfunction. It's type 1, and my symptoms are not nearly as severe as yours have been, (they don't think I will ever need surgery,) but it's so refreshing to read someone else's trials and successes with this. It has brought me some peace at a time where, honestly, I'm a little freaked. Thank you for telling your story!


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