Sunday, February 19

Why I Run

Why do you run?
That is always a good question.
One I ask myself on some days.
But, trust me, I have some good reasons. 

Reason {One}
It gives me an hour to spend with God. 
I love running because I take the opportunity to listen to my favorite and most encouraging music.
God seems to speak to me when I am running. 
There are no distractions.
If I am outside I see his creation and if I am on the treadmill I think about what he wants for me.
I need this hour at least 3 - 4 times a week. 
Not for my physical heart buy my spiritual heart.

Reason {Two}
Duh, Physical Fitness!
It gives you a feeling that you are strong and physically able to do anything. 
Knowing you can go run 6 miles {any time} is empowering

Reason {Three}
I have to be ready to escape the bad guys!
Ok so thats a little silly, but somedays when I am running I think about how if I were being chased, my running plus adrenaline would certainly carry me through. 

Reason {Four}
It gives you something to accomplish all on you own.
{except for the help of you trainer, thanks Zach!}
When you finish a half marathon for the first time you get a feeling like no other.
And I am not talking about the feeling to drop dead haha

Finally I'll share my Running favorites and must haves!

My Favorite Shoes:
They have ultimate cushion 
{which I must have}

Gap Running Leggings!
Must have these, no questions asked!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Happy Monday!!

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