Monday, February 6

Super Bowl Highlights

Giants vs. Patriots

To be honest, I didn't actually watch a lot of the game. 

That little recap right there is about as much as I could tell you about the actual game {hehe} 


I enjoyed some good time with some good friends and some delicious food. 

Here is a picture of me and ryan at the party.

Now! moving on to what is most enjoyable about the Super Bowl!

The Commercials!! 

My favorite was the Volks Wagon commercial where the dog decides he needs to loose weight so he can go through the doggie door to chase the new Beetle. 

{So cute} 

Of course if you hadn't noticed by now I am a sucker for dogs so... 

It was an obvious favorite for me.

There were some pretty good ones this year. 

What was your favorite commercial? 

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