Thursday, February 2

Love in Photos

love looks different sometimes

here is what it has looked like this week....

Love was
Dinner at Noodles and Company when I just didn't feel like cooking dinner

Love was
Playing dress-up with Sox...
{isn't he a cutie}

Yeah I saved the best for last...

drum roll please ...

Love was
Me not freaking out when Ryan put Dawn soap in the dishwasher and suds were going alllllll over the place....
{Love is Patient, Love is Kind}

What has love looked like for you this week?


  1. haha love the last one. Sometimes Love is just in the every day battles.

  2. Oh no! I honestly was almost going to use dish soap the other night... glad I didn't :)! I love your dog... I'm trying to convince my husband we need one :)

    1. hehe be so glad that you decided against that one... I'm telling you suds were going everywhere. I was only able to document via instagram after it was somewhat under control ;)

      And Sox says "thanks!!" he is such a sweet dog. My suggestion is to take your hubby to an adoption shelter or fair and let him pet all the cute dogs. That is how I convinced Ryan :)


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