Tuesday, February 7

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today is Ryan's 22nd Birthday!
So obviously I dedicated this blog post to him.
He truly is the best husband and best friend I could ever ask for.
I am so thankful for him in so many ways.
Here are 22 of my favorite things about the Birthday Boy!

1. He loves God and tries to read and be all he can be in Christ.

2. He loves me so much {even when I feel unloveable}

3. He makes me really good coffee the morning.

4. He genuinely tries to help with the house work.
{Most of the time it all goes great}

5. He is a good back scratcher :) and I am not :(

 6. He makes everybody laugh with his funny mannerisms.

7. He is really smart and reads a lot of books.

8. He makes me smile when he is playing with Sox.
{I know he will be a good daddy one day}

9. He knows I love candles so he will light them and that makes me happy.

10. He enjoys doing arts and crafts with me.
{a real keeper ladies, don't be jealous}

11. He is so kind to my grandparents and he treats them like they are his own.
{I love that about him}

12. He will encourage me in whatever my crazy mind thinks up to do.
{blog, bake, cook, craft, workout, eat-healthy}

13. He has a servant's heart.

14. He irons his own clothes!

15. He wants me to be happy and healthy all the time.

16. He laughs at me every single night when I get in bed, because I always slam my head on the pillow.

17. When I was in the hospital and we were still dating, he brought me the best get well package of anybody: A giant coloring book, 40 pack colored pencils, and a lap desk. I will never forget that.
{and he sat there with me the whole time}

18. He is really adventurous and pushes me to go outside my comfort zone.

19. Every time we listen to his radio station {rock music} he quizzes me on bands and I fail every time.

20.  He has made some great friends in college and I am so thankful for them.

21. He works really hard in school and is going to be a graduate on NCSU soon and an Engineer.

22. He is my husband and I am just glad he picked me to spend the rest of his life with!

I love you!
Happy Birthday

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