Thursday, February 23

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Words cannot begin to express how ready for the weekend I am!

This week has been insanity!
I would go into detail, but you too may experience some level of pain just reading all that this week has consisted of.

As for the bright side:

Today I got to get lunch with a dear friend of mine, Ellen!
She is such an encouragement!
We ate and just shared about all that we have going on in our lives right now.
We are going to try to start a running plan to encourage each other and do one long run a week together!
Sounds fun, right?
I  am very excited!

When I got home, I inevitably got on Pinterest...
and found this:

Which made me think about how lunch with Ellen was my something good in my not so good day.

I guess my last little highlight to the day was that Ryan and I finished buying Nate and Jenny's wedding gift for Jenny's shower this weekend {which I am really excited about}.

I would say what we got them, but if Jenny were to read this, it may spoil the fun.

As for excitement to look forward to for this weekend?

I get to see my grandparents tomorrow night!
Hopefully we will get a cute picture at dinner or something so I can share it with you!
Their Wedding Shower on Saturday
And planning for Sacrificial Spring Break on Sunday!
{I can't wait to share all about that in March!}

I am looking forward to family, friends, relaxation, running, quite time, sleep, and of course some good food!

Happy Thursday Night!


  1. Stopping by from the It's Fiday, I'm in Love...{Link Party!}

    1. Thanks Justine! So glad you stopped by!

  2. Stopping by from the linky party. I love that quote, if I could remember it everyday I would be much better off.

    1. Amanda, If only I myself could remember that quote more often!
      I am glad you found my blog from the linky party!


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